Monday, July 16, 2018

Finding Jenna Summary Chapter Twenty-four

Fifteen short days away to the release of Finding Jenna and I'm getting more nervous by the minute. This book is so different from anything else I've done so I'm concerned about how it will be received. I'm sure some fans will be turned off by the transsexual story. Sometimes I feel compelled to write a story that I think needs to be out there. Like Suddenly, there are so few young adult lesbian romantic stories that have a happy ending that I felt like I needed to write one.

Standing Her Ground actually came out of a story I was writing about Kaitlyn's mom, Catherine, and how several countries, particularly in Africa, use corrective rape as a way of punishing lesbians. I will eventually publish Catherine's story. It's funny, I've worked on that story longer than anything else I've written, and it's still not ready. But while writing that original story, I started wondering if something like that might be going on in the United States. It doesn't get reported that way, and most probably doesn't get reported at all, but I'd bet money it happens.

Building Love was supposed to be just a simple young adult love story. I've been watching some young adult shows, reading articles, and listening to the news and found that there is a lot of date rape drug use among teenagers and new adults. It's been quite shocking. But, that's how the idea came about for Patti to be pregnant. I think it worked out pretty good. The story also covers the problem of bullying, which sadly doesn't seem to be getting any better.

My newest story is another one about a pressing social issue that comes about from some sick S-O-Bs sending my granddaughter pictures of their junk on an app called LiveMe. The police are still investigating who sent these and I hope they catch the motherf*ckers. (Pardon my language). The story is about a girl, Heidi, who is kidnapped and kept for almost a year, much like Elizabeth Smart, except Heidi doesn't come home to a happy, loving family. Her mother was cold and a bit controlling before, but it much worse now and blames Heidi for her divorce from Heidi's father. Poor Heidi remains a captive, but this time at the hands of her emotionally abusive mother. The story is told from Barbra (Babs) point of view. Babs, who knew Heidi, but was not friends with her, is asked to help tutor Heidi because she is so far behind in her school work. Babs is very compassionate and becomes determined to help Heidi overcome what she is going through. The story is still in the developmental stages, and I'm not positive about how it will end, but it will be a happy ending because that's one of my trademarks. It will have lesbian undertones with Babs and Heidi becoming close friends, but I'm not going to publish it as lesbian fiction. And I will probably release it under my real name, or another pseudonym.

Anyway, enough of me rambling on. You're here to read the next chapter summary for Finding Jenna, so here it is:

Elliot and Cara both wake up with the feeling that they are being watched. Elliot goes to the hotel gym to work out, and when he comes back to the room, Cara and Megan are freaking out because some guy had come to the room asking if Jenna was there. Someone had also called the room asking for Jenna. Cara shows Elliot a truck in the parking lot of a restaurant next to the hotel where the guy who had come to the room got in a truck. Elliot goes out to confront the man, but the man backs out of the parking lot quickly and speeds away.

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