Saturday, July 7, 2018

Chapter Summaries of Chapter Sixteen and Seventeen for Finding Jenna

Life has been crazy the past couple of days and I'm getting a little behind with my posts. I wanted to make sure I got on here today to post the next two chapter summaries before things got really insane. I have six of my seven grandchildren at the house, so the potential for things to get bizarre is ripe.

The next two chapters begin Part Two of the book. I should have posted that there were two parts when I started putting the chapters on here, but I forgot. I didn't got into the details of Jenna's transition to Elliot. It would have been a long process and would not have furthered the story. In Part Two, Elliot is fulling into his new life as a man, has finished culinary school, and started a job as a legumier chef. A legumier chef is the person who prepares the vegetable dishes at fancy restaurants.

Here are the chapter summaries for Chapters Sixteen and Seventeen:

Chapter Sixteen

Dana and Mark go to see Elliot at his job where he works as a legumier at a popular restaurant. They tell him about Cara tracking his father, and that his father is now tracking Cara. Elliot is upset when they explain that the FBI is going to use Cara to draw Michael Matthews into a trap. But, the Bureau is hoping to catch him with members of the Cobra Cartel before he can do anything to Cara. Dana and Mark try to convince Elliot that he should go to work at a restaurant near Cave Run Lake where the leaders of the human trafficking ring, the Cobra Cartel are going to be meeting around the Fourth of July. They hope he will recognize some of the local hunters as men his father brought home in the past who might be involved with the cartel.

Chapter Seventeen

Elliot started working for Sandy Cannon at the restaurant near Cave Run Lake. He convinced her to make some changes to the design of the restaurant and had already come up with interesting dishes made with wild game to draw in the hunters and fisherman. Sandy hired Steven Hardin, a local fisherman and hunter to work as a bartender hoping he would be able to provide them information about the local hunting scene. Elliot and Sandy also hoped Steven would give them information about the hunters involved with the cartel without him realizing he was helping them.

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