Monday, November 7, 2016

What I'm working on now!

I am working on a piece originally titled "The Evangelist's Wife." It's about Kaitlyn Haverty from Standing Her Ground's mother, Catherine and Elizabeth Stanton. I started working on this story three years ago after the first time I heard about "corrective rape," but I could never get the story to flow. It's finally taking off. I've written over 14,000 words.  And then, I realized I gave Elizabeth the wrong job. OOPS!
So, I'll be working on fixing that. This story is going to overlap Standing Her Ground. It's going to start when Catherine returns from Uganda after having been kidnapped and raped. So for the SHG readers, you'll get some insight into what is going on with Kaitlyn from her mother's story. I'm really excited about this story. I, also, may be publishing it on when I start editing it. If I do that the fans who follow me will get to read it for free as I'm editing and add their input. So keep an eye out for that in January. I expect to finish the story by mid-December and then I'm going to walk away for a few weeks. I hope to start editing by mid-January, so stay tuned.

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