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Suddenly cont...Showing Jamie the Apartment.

“What are we doing here?” Jamie asked as P.J. pulled into a parking space at the apartment complex.

P.J. turned in her seat, she brushed a stray blond hair away from her face nervously. “What do you think about us living together?”

Jamie’s eyes widened, “Seriously?  I would love to live with you.” Reaching over and taking P.J.’s hand, “I would love to wake up next to you every morning and not just when we slip away and get a hotel.”

“Me too,” P.J. said and looked up at the windows of the apartment she’s leased a few hours earlier.  “So what do you think about this apartment complex?”

Raising a questioning eyebrow, Jamie looked around the grounds of the apartment complex, “It’s nice. Are you wanting to look at an apartment here?”

“Yeah, in fact I got the key to one earlier so we could take a look at them,” P.J.said, stretching the truth just a little.

Jamie smiled and opened her door. “Let’s go look at it.”

P.J. opened her door and got out of the Jeep too. She took Jamie by the elbow and led…

The Beginning of the Continuing story from Suddenly

I haven't decided what to title this continuing story yet but I have some ideas for the beginning of the new story that will start at the beginning of Jamie and P.J.'s second year of college. This story will be told from P.J.'s point of view and shed some light on how she was feeling during some of the things that happened in "Suddenly".  So here we go:

The past year had been like a fairy tale that still hadn't ended. P.J. Thomas watched her beautiful girlfriend, Jamie Edwards walk down the steep grassy hill at Western Kentucky University's campus and praying the fairy tale would last forever. 

The smile that spread across Jamie's face when she saw P.J. waiting for her by their black Jeep widened when she saw the roses P.J. was holding in her hands.  P.J. opened her arms and pulled Jamie into her embrace when Jamie got to her.

"What are those for? Our anniversary was months ago." Jamie said, kissing P.J. on the lips.

"Do I have to hav…

"Suddenly" continues...

I've had some people who read my book "Suddenly" on the Royal Academy of Bards site:, to continue Jamie and P.J.'s story.  They would also like to hear P.J.'s thoughts about things. Since I wrote Suddenly from Jamie's point of view and in first person.  The continuing story is going to be told from P.J.'s point of view in first person.  I hope to have first ideas for this story up later today.  Please make comments and give me suggestions about the story. I'd love to hear from all of you!