Sunday, November 19, 2017

We're Having A Baby

Good Evening! I've been working away on my new young adult lesbian romance during NaNoWriMo this month and I'm up to 35,690 words. I just wrote the scene where one of my main characters, Patty has her baby and, of course, her future love interest, Theresa is there for the birth. At this point they are not a couple yet. Theresa has had a crush on Patty for a long time, but Patty is just starting to realize that the friendship she and Theresa share feels like something more. Here's an excerpt and please keep in mind this is a very first draft, straight from my brain to the keyboard, no editing. 


I woke to the smell of coffee and donuts. For a minute I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Looking around the room and seeing Mom and Theresa talking, and then seeing Mattie sleeping in her crib, I realized I was in heaven. All the people I loved were in this room. I paused at that thought and looked at Theresa. Yes, I loved her. It was weird that I felt that way. We’d become close over the past few months as she’d worked on Mom’s house. I had had no doubt we would continue to be friends even after the job was done. But, I had always felt a tinge of something more than friendship with her. I’d wondered if it might just be a little bit of curiousity on my part. Not that I didn’t know any gay people, ironically most of my friends at school, except Daria were sexually fluid. One of my friends from art class had been trying to get me to go out with her, but it just seemed like a game to me. She was cute in an androgynous way, but I just wasn’t interested in going out with her. With Theresa, it wasn’t let’s go on a date feelings, it was let's hang out and just enjoy each other’s company.
“Well, look who’s awake,” Mom said and got up to get Mattie.
Theresa laughed. “You thought she was talking about you, didn’t you?”
“Yes,” I said a little indignant, but I understood. That little angel would draw my attention first too.
Sandy walked over to the recliner and sat down with Mattie. “I’ve already spent eighteen years with your, I’m just getting to know this little angel.”
I smiled and shook my head thinking that child was going to be so spoiled, but that was okay. She was also going to be very loved.

Theresa pushed the tray toward me with a cup of coffee and an apple fritter on it. “The coffee is probably a little cold. I can go get you some hot coffee if you want me to.”

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