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Writing and more writing!

Treacherous Souls is almost completely done and The Circle of Confusion is unfolding before my eyes. I got some really wonderful reviews on Amazon today. I truly appreciate anyone taking time to leave a review, good or bad. Good ones let me know what you liked about the book and bad ones let me know what you didn't like so I can make the next book better.

So here's another tidbit from The Circle of Confusion for the fans patiently waiting to find out what happens next with Jamie and P. J.:

The next message was from her father. “Lori, get home now,” he growled into the phone.

The next one was silence followed by another one from my father. “I cannot believe that you have dared to disobey me,” her father growled into the phone. “You will return home or pay the consequences.”

Janna’s voice was a whisper in the next message. “Don’t come home, Lori. Dad is in a rage. He trashed your room and yelled at Mom for allowing you to leave the house and made her cry. They are both so angry. I’…

Writing Despite Loss and Insanity

This has been a rough week. I lost my beloved dog, Bear Bear last Monday. He was ten years old and the sweetest little Boston Terrier/Yorkie mix. He'd become ill in the past few weeks and passed at 11:15 Monday morning. I had to work most of the rest of the week at my library job and had two grandsons with birthdays this week. Plus, I'm expecting grandchild No 6 any day. But, I managed to eek out a few thousand words this week. Hopefully, next week I'll be able to get more done on the Circle of Confusion.

Some other things going on are: My good friend, Teddy Emmerich is working on the cover of Treacherous Souls, which my partner and I decided to publish under M. E. Tudor with R. L. Williams, rather than changing to the whole new pen name of Williams Brewster. The editing for Treacherous Souls is almost done and I will be looking to have a few more beta readers go over it before publication. So anyone who is interested in going that, please email me at:


I'm almost a fourth of the way through my first 50,000 words of The Circle of Confusion.  I've posted another tidbit on the blog for The Continuing Story of Jamie and P. J.. Here is the tidbit for this blog:

Writing Like A Pro

Stephen King says that he writes 1000 words every day. Well I have written over 1600 words a day for the past 3 days. :)

The next snippet:

The Writing of The Circle of Confusion Has Officially Begun

Today is the first day of Camp NaNoWriMo and the day I officially started writing The Circle of Confusion. This story is the sequel to Suddenly and will be told from Lori Meredeth, a college friend of Jamie and P. J.'s point of view. I will be posting snippets of the story on here and on The Continuing Story of Jamie and P. J. blog. I wrote over 1600 words this morning and here is today's snippet.