Friday, July 20, 2018

Finding Jenna: Chapters Twenty-six and Twenty-seven summaries

Chapter Twenty-six

Elliot follows the girls home and makes sure they are both safe before heading to his trailer in the woods. When he gets there he notices tire tracks that shouldn’t be there. He loads his gun and goes into the trailer. Whoever had been there and searched it had been a pro. They left very little traces of their invasion. Elliot let's Mark know about this new development.

Chapter Twenty-seven

When Elliot gets to work Sandy tells him about a man coming to the restaurant looking for him. The man turns out to be Terry Howard, his father’s former friend and the detective from Evansville in charge of the case on Jenna’s disappearance. Elliot calls Mark to tell him about Terry coming to the restaurant but doesn’t get the chance because Mark tells him about Michael Matthews finding out about the dead girl’s body. Mark tells Elliot that Matthews went ballistic and shot Elliot’s mom and now he’s on his way to get Cara. Elliot realizes the big fight with his father that he’d been waiting for was about to happen.

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  1. Been reading the summaries and actually looking forward to reading the book. This genre is not usually my favourite but the summaries pique my interest. Thank you.


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