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The Perfect Proposal Chapter Three


The Perfect Proposal Chapter Two


The Perfect Proposal Chapter One

Jackie Meredith perused the selection of engagement rings waiting for one to jump out at her. She wanted something amazing.For six months she had been saving money and waiting for the right time to ask Mary to marry her.They had been living together for almost a year and life was perfect. She wanted to make their commitment to each other official.
They both worked during the day, Jackie at her UPS delivery job and Mary as a legal secretary. They were saving money for their first vacation together. Jackie convinced Mary to go to Maine to check out the lighthouses. Before she asked Mary about going to the lighthouses, she already knew she wanted to propose to her. Jackie toyed with proposing to Mary in Maine and then having a ceremony in Kentucky, but since gay marriage was still banned in Kentucky, she decided she would rather have a small ceremony in Kentucky for their friends here and have the actual ceremony in Maine. At least that was what Jackie wanted, and hopefully Mary would a…