Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Finding Jenna Chapters Twenty-five and Twenty-six

I've been having computer troubles. Someone hacked my Facebook account, and then someone put a virus on my computer. So, it's been a rough couple of days. I got my computer back from my repair guy yesterday, but I still haven't set it back up. Fortunately, I work with computers at my job so I'm able to load some more chapter summaries for you all.

I hope you all are getting excited about the release of Finding Jenna. I know I am.

Chapter Twenty-five

After finishing his breakfast, Elliot tells the girls he needs to go to the hotel room to use the bathroom so he can call Mark. Elliot gives Mark the whole story about the guy in the white truck coming to the hotel room and asking for Jenna. Mark assures Elliot that he will look into it. He also reminds Elliot that the sting the FBI has planned is going to go down very soon. Elliot tells Mark that he hopes he’ll be able to tell Cara the truth very soon.

Chapter Twenty-six

Elliot follows the girls home and makes sure they are both safe before heading to his trailer in the woods. When he gets there he notices tire tracks that shouldn’t be there. He loads his gun and goes into the trailer. Whoever had been there and searched it had been a pro. They left very little traces of their invasion. Elliot let's Mark know about this new development.

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