Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Chapter Thirteen Summary

Back on track with the summary posts. Only 28 days until Finding Jenna is released and 20 chapter summaries left.

William Defoe goes into his role as Darren Parker and pretends he was trying to do Michael Matthews a favor when he helped Darlene Matthews pack her stuff. Matthews is angry about it, but blows Defoe off when he offers to hang out and watch a movie after getting a phone call. Matthews heads to Owensboro not long after Defoe leaves his house because he thinks Jenna is in a hospital there. He gets a call from Ruby, a nurse at the hospital letting him know that the girl they thought was Jenna had been released from the hospital into the custody of people who were supposed to be her family. Ruby also lets Matthews know that the leader of the Cobra cartel, C1, wants him to dispose of a package that they both know is the body of another woman who was killed C1 has killed.

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