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Second Chances Editing Two-Thirds of the way Done!

I finished editing the first two-thirds of Second Chances last week. This is the fourth editing go through and mostly likely the last. I've talked to my publisher and I am pushing for a release date of May 30, 2014. I'll definitely let you all know when it is set in stone.

I've also posted installment five to The Circle of Confusion: P. J. to the Continuing Story of Jamie and P. J. Blog.

Oops. ;)

I posted the third installment for my book blog on here earlier and it was supposed to go on The Continuing Story of Jamie and P.J. I've posted it there too. What I'd planned on putting on here was news about how the editing of Second Chances is going. It's been a little slow going so I don't think we'll have it ready by the end of April, but hopefully by mid-May it will be out.

I'm also working on a murder mystery. It's really just in the planning stages and a long way from finished, but I think it will be a fun story.

I am also working on some more erotica to have out this summer, so stay tuned for all of that!

Installment Three!


Apologies :)

I put in my post the other day that I was going to be posting excerpts from my books to my website and I didn't get it done until today, so I'm sorry about my tardiness. :( I do hope you will all stop in and check out the new excerpts. I'm going to be working on my website and updating it over the next few days so please check in to see what's new!

What's happening now!

Good morning everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted new news for a few weeks, but I've had a lot going on.

Second Chances is still being edited with hopes of it being published by the end of this month, so keep your fingers crossed.

I've been working on making Treacherous Souls available in print and who would have thought it was going to be such a huge process. I've wanted to throw the computer out the window a few times. The print cover is going to look different from the ebook cover below, but this picture will be included in it. This has been a crazy month and I haven't had a chance to add new excerpts to my website, but I will be doing that today. So, if you get a chance stop by the website:
Also, I've be writing on The Circle of Confusion: P.J. I'm about 8000 words in and hope to finish it this summer. I think that you all are going to like The Circle of Confusion series. It's going to give you insight to the characters a…