Friday, July 3, 2020

This Upside Down World

It's been another crazy couple of months. I'm back to working in the public full-time and I have to admit, it's a bit scary. As some of you know, I work as a reference librarian at a public library in Kentucky. I think our library might be the only library in the state that is open to the public. Our patrons are very excited about us being open, especially people who don't have the Internet or cable at home. Most people wear masks when they come in, but there are way too many people who don't. 

My job is to help people on the computers and doing that from six feet away can be a little tricky. I've got a laser pointer and that helps. Most people are understanding about keeping their distance because of the virus, but at least once a day I get one of those people who's not wearing a mask and who wants to be in my personal space. Thankfully, I'm allowed to tell them to back up and keep their distance.

How's your life going in the midst of this crazy, upside down world? Do you work in one of the necessary services and have never gotten to be off? Or are you still out of work, just praying you'll have a job when this is all over. 

Life has been super crazy since I've gone back to work. It's made me realize how much procrastinating I did when I was off because now I rarely have time to spend a few hours on a computer. 

This past weekend our air conditioning was out (really how did we survive before air conditioning) and it was 85 degrees inside my house all weekend. Needless to say I didn't do much writing because I was on the back deck where it was cooler, but that was also where the children were playing and making a ton of noise. 

This weekend is the Fourth of July weekend I plan to work on a lesbian romance that I hope to publish in September. I'll post more about it soon. I'm also hoping to get a few more chapters from We Will Get Through This Together on Wattpad and Inkitt. Please keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates about this story.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun holiday. And I pray you are all safe and enjoying every minute of life. Until next time, peace and love.

Saturday, April 25, 2020

Being Safe at Home and Writing

Once again the time has gotten away from me. I didn't even realize that it had been almost two months since my last post, but this has been a very weird two months. I would never have imagined that the world would have ever shut down the way that it has. I'm sure no one thought we would be where we are right now. But, here we are, working our way through this crisis together. 

So, the last time I posted was before my newest young adult lesbian romance, Shelted by Love had come out. It's been out for almost two months now and already getting good reviews. Here's one of the most recent ones: 

"A great young adult story that will make you feel every emotions. Sheltered By Love is laced with drama, determination, hope, warmth and passion for the fur babies. Well written with very touching, heartbreaking moments and it has powerful characters. Highly recommended!"

If you haven't had a chance to read Sheltered by Love yet, it's available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

This unique time in our lives has inspired a new young adult story that I'm working on. Here is the working summary: 

The coronavirus, COVID-19, has thrown families all over the world into uncertain times, Natalie Weatherby’s family included. Natalie knows that her family is one of the lucky ones. Both of her parents are able to continue working during the early stages of the pandemic. Despite the good things going on with their family, they still have to deal with the struggles caused by the virus. 

Natalie’s sexuality is something she has kept to herself. Her family is not super religious, but they have a strong faith in God, and Natalie is not certain how they will react to her revealing her secret. She finds herself becoming attracted to a classmate that she once considered her nemesis as they get to know each other online. 

Will they be able to maintain their connection when things return to some sort of normalcy? Or will Natalie’s fear of what her family and friends think get in the way of true love.

I'm posting this new story as I'm writing it. It's available on Wattpad and Inkitt, where you can view it for free. I hope you will check it out and follow the story's progress. It won't be able to be finished for a while because it's based on what is happening during the coronavirus shutdown and what happens next.

I hope you are all safe and well. Please keep checking back. Hopefully, I'll have more to post soon.

Love to you all. M. E.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Coming March 5th!

The official release date for Sheltered by Love is March 5, 2020!

I'm so thankful for my readers who have been patiently waiting for me to finally finish this book. It's been a bit of an up and down road in the writing process, but I'm pretty happy with this story, and I hope all you like it. The story has drama, animal rescues, and a slow-building romance.

Here's the blurb that will hopefully pique your interest in the story:
Suzanne Jericho let her anger get the better of her, with the result being two hundred hours of community service at the Humane Society’s animal shelter. Chrissy Stein is working at the animal shelter as a vet tech so she can help her beloved animals. 

Jericho, as Suzanne prefers to be called, comes from a rough around the edges, hardworking family. Chrissy comes from an uptight political family with whom she doesn’t fit. 

Although these two young women come from different backgrounds, they have a lot in common. They both love animals, their parents used to date, and they have both been hurt and used by past girlfriends. 

The attraction Jericho and Chrissy feel builds slowly, as does their friendship. Only time will tell if they will give their romantic feelings a chance to blossom into full-blown love. 

There will be giveaways that follow it's release, so please watch out for those. And, of course, those of you on my "First to Know" email list will get a special giveaway just for you. If you haven't signed up to one of the "First to Know" here's the link:


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Consistently Inconsistent

Holding Head Pain Woman - 3D illustration - csp44592114

If there's one thing I can say honestly about myself, it's that I'm consistently inconsistent partially because my life is always in a state of uproar. If you've been following me for any length of time, you know that my partner, Rosa and I are raising three of my grandchildren.

We have a 15-year-old boy, Jacob, who is a pretty good kid. He's in band and JROTC. He's spoiled and a bit bossy, but other than that, a pretty good kid.

We have a 13-year-old girl, Jazmyn, who is turning out to be a lot like her mother, and that's not a good thing. We're continually having to worry about her getting into trouble at school and with boys. The sad thing is that she had the potential to be a good kid, but has chosen to follow a harder path.

And then we have Julian. He's six, and he's really good at it. For the most part, he's a really good boy. We've chosen to homeschool him based on all the bad things we've gone through with our local school system and the other kids. Plus, Julian is very hyperactive, and I'm afraid he'd be grouped with other kids that are considered special needs. Not that there's anything wrong with special needs kids, it's the way this school system deals with them that is the problem.

Anyway, this is just part of our life.

On top of dealing with the kids, which Rose has taken over since she's been retired, I work at a public library. Now, most people would think that would be the perfect job for a writer, and there was a time when that would have been true. Not today, not at our library. I work in the reference department where I spend 30 percent of my time helping patrons, and 70 percent babysitting adults who often don't know how to follow the rules, which is probably why the majority of them are homeless.

This problem is taking a toll on my nerves, which is affecting my writing and my home life. The daily fear of what might happen when I go to work is keeping me on edge. Most of the homeless population we have is okay people just going through a rough patch. The others are mostly drug addicts and drunks that think they can come to the library and sleep until the homeless shelter opens for the evening. Or, they are dealing their wares, assuming we don't know what they are doing. Unfortunately, without proof of what they are doing, there's nothing we can really do to stop them as long as they don't break the other library rules.

For several months now, I've been having a hard time concentrating and suffering from severe stress headaches. It's affected my ability to work on my writing. There's very little downtime for me to relax and focus on my craft.

Rose and I decided to buy a camper that will hopefully allow me to have the time I need to focus on my writing. A place where I can shut out the world for a little while and create new lesbian romances that my fans will love.

I want to thank everyone who has been patiently waiting for my next book. I'm in the last editing phases, and if the writing gods are willing, it will be out next month. And thanks for letting me have a little rant on here. I've been frustrated with the direction of my life and my inability to get any writing done. Hopefully, that is all going to change starting next month after we get the camper. My new home away from home.

This Upside Down World

It's been another crazy couple of months. I'm back to working in the public full-time and I have to admit, it's a bit sca...