Finding Jenna Chapter Twenty-eight Summary

This chapter is the climax of the story. Elliot will face off with his father. It's my favorite chapter of the whole book. Speaking of the book, we are just 10 days away from the official release date. I'm getting very excited and very nervous. I hope it will be well received.  After you read this summary, I have a special surprise for those of you who have been following the blog and the revealing of the chapter summaries. So, enjoy this short peak at this chapter and see what awaits for you on the other side. 

The restaurant is getting busy and Elliot is trying to focus on cooking when he hears a scream come from the dining area. When Elliot goes out to see what is happening he sees his father, Michael Matthews standing in the doorway of the restaurant with his gun pointed at Cara. Elliot gets Matthews to let him take the plates that Cara is holding and uses them as weapons to distract Matthews so he can get Cara out of the back of the restaurant. Elliot puts Cara in his tru…

Finding Jenna: Chapters Twenty-six and Twenty-seven summaries


Finding Jenna Chapters Twenty-five and Twenty-six

I've been having computer troubles. Someone hacked my Facebook account, and then someone put a virus on my computer. So, it's been a rough couple of days. I got my computer back from my repair guy yesterday, but I still haven't set it back up. Fortunately, I work with computers at my job so I'm able to load some more chapter summaries for you all.

I hope you all are getting excited about the release of Finding Jenna. I know I am.

Finding Jenna Summary Chapter Twenty-four

Fifteen short days away to the release of Finding Jenna and I'm getting more nervous by the minute. This book is so different from anything else I've done so I'm concerned about how it will be received. I'm sure some fans will be turned off by the transsexual story. Sometimes I feel compelled to write a story that I think needs to be out there. Like Suddenly, there are so few young adult lesbian romantic stories that have a happy ending that I felt like I needed to write one.
Standing Her Ground actually came out of a story I was writing about Kaitlyn's mom, Catherine, and how several countries, particularly in Africa, use corrective rape as a way of punishing lesbians. I will eventually publish Catherine's story. It's funny, I've worked on that story longer than anything else I've written, and it's still not ready. But while writing that original story, I started wondering if something like that might be going on in the United States. It does…

Chapter Summaries for Chapters 20, 21, 22, 23

I have to apologize for being so far behind on my posts here. I've been preparing for a presentation on marketing that I did this morning at my public library. It went pretty well and I even learned some stuff from the attendees.

Since I'm four days behind on posting, I'm going to post four chapter summaries. We're getting closer to the release date for the book and I hope these summaries will temp you to buy the book.

Chapter Twenty
Mark and Dana come to see Elliot at the restaurant to let him know that the Cobra Cartel’s meeting has been moved to August. Steven asks about Elliot’s family when he hears Elliot calling Mark and Dana is aunt and uncle. Elliot tells him the story he’s practices about his parents dying in a murder-suicide and the he was raised by Mark and Dana and his maternal grandparents. Cara and Steven butt heads and Elliot has to step in to break it up. Sandy threatens to fire both Cara and Steven if the problems continue. She also alludes to Steven ge…

Finding Jenna Chapter Nineteen Summary

Cara and two other girls, Megan and Brittany start working at the restaurant. Steven tries to hit on all three of them, and they all three turn him down. Cara does so by stating proudly that she is a lesbian. By the end of the first night, Elliot can tell that Brittany will probably not be back, but that Cara and Megan will stick around. He worries that Steven is going to continue to harass the girls because he doesn’t take no for answer. When they all leave the restaurant together, Elliot decides to follow Cara home so he will know where she lives in case he has to get her out of the area quickly.

Finding Jenna Chapter Eighteen Summary

I tried to post this morning but Blogger was not being cooperative. I'm getting so excited and nervous about the release of this book. It's very different from anything I've written before. 

Elliot is working with his assistant, Jason Wu when Steven shows up and calls them both girls. It’s an example of how sexist, racist and prejudice Steven is. Sandy sends Steven and Jason off to unload some fresh fish that has just arrived, and then tells Elliot she has some new people coming in for interviews for server jobs. Elliot hears Sandy getting excited about qualifications of the interviewee and goes to see who it is. It’s Cara Marshall, his former girlfriend when he was Jenna. Elliot calls Dana for advice about what to do. She tells him to remain calm and watchful. Dana also tells him that the meeting for the Cobra leadership has been changed from the 4th of July and now they are not certain when the meeting will take place. Sandy brings Cara to the back and introduces her to E…