Questions and Sales

Next Saturday I'm going to be on The Writer's Block that is hosted by the Lesfic Reading Group. I hope a lot of people will stop by and ask questions. I'm going to be giving away digital and print copies of Building Love throughout the event.

May 21-25th I Heart Lesfic is having a Mega Sale. My books Standing Her Ground, Suddenly, and Second Chances will all be on sale for $.99 on Amazon during those five days. So, if you haven't purchased a copy of one of those books, here's your chance to get them at a discount.

The audio book for Building Love has been completed and I'm waiting for Amazon to give it's stamp of approval. Sarah Beth Goer did a great job reading the book so I hope you'll check it out.

I have to admit I've had a little bit of writer's block for the past couple of weeks. I think it's primarily due to the stress caused by events that have going on with my 11 year old granddaughter. If you have children please keep an eye on wh…

The Audio Book for Building Love

Exciting news! The audio book for Building Love is almost ready! The reader is Sarah Beth Goer and she has a done a fabulous job! I'm so excited about that project. It's the very first audio book that has been done for one of my books and I can't wait to hear where listeners are going to have to about it.

I have almost finished Finding Jenna for self-publication. I sent it out to a few agents and publishers and didn't get any takers, so I'm going to publish it myself. If the writing gods are willing it will be out before the end of June. I think anyone who is interested in transgender issues and thrillers will enjoy this story.

There are a few other stories in the works. One is a very short-short story that I may be publishing soon and the other two are stories I wrote years ago that I'm editing and will release later this year.

The new young adult lesbian romance I'd started for Camp NaNoWriMo at the beginning of April has fizzled out. I was disappointed,…

Website Close To Done

I've been working on my website on and off over the past two weeks. It's just about done. I'll be tweaking to make it more user friendly. I'm not going to have posts on this new website like I did my other one. This website will be a stationary page for my readers to find information about my books, information about me, and where to connect with me. This blog will be my primary place to post updates about my writing projects and publication dates.

This weekend my family and I will be in Port Orange, Florida to celebrate Easter with my older brother, who's ideal of celebrating Easter involves lots of wine and little religion. ;) Anyway, I will be taking notes and I'm sure coming up with ideas for stories. I'll be doing some writing while I'm down there on a new young adult romance I've been working on. I signed up for the April Camp NaNoWriMo so I'm going to try to get 50,000 words written this month, and that means I need to write at least 160…

Website Troubles

Well, I guess I didn't pay for my domain name on time with GoDaddy, so Wordpress shutdown my website. So, I'm kind of bummed, but not really. I'd been thinking about changing my website for a while now. I guess this gives me the opportunity to do that. When I get the new website up and running I'll be sure to get the information to everyone via this blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Finding Jenna has gotten three agent rejections and two publisher rejections. I know that's not a lot in the publishing industry, but I did get some inside information that the main concern from the publishing and agent side of things is that the book might not sell enough to be worth taking on because of the subject matter. So, I'm going to publish it myself. I'm actually going to publish both versions of the story. One version focuses on the intrigue, and one focuses on the relationship between the two main characters. I think a lot of readers will enjoy seeing both sides of the s…

Goodreads Giveaway

Wow! This has been a very exciting 17 days since I released Building Love. It has done very well in the lesbian romance and lesbian fiction categories on Amazon and is selling like hot cakes. I am so thrilled. It had been a while since I'd released anything new so I was a bit worried about how it would be received, but so far everyone has said they have enjoyed the story. 
I'm running a Goodreads Giveaway. It started today and will go on until March 12th. I'm giving away 20 digital copies of Building Love, so if you haven't read it yet and want to get a free copy, here's your chance.

So, what's next? A lot of things. I'm still trying to find an agent for Finding Jenna. I've set the time limit to a year. If I don't find an agent in a year, I'm going to self-publish the book myself. I really believe the story will have mainstream appeal and I just want to go through the experience of being traditionally published. But, if no one shows any interes…

Already Getting Great Reviews

It's been a week since I released Building Love and it's ready getting some great reviews. Here's my favorite so far:
This was a good story with a bit of everything except really spicy naughty stuff. I really did enjoy this one.

The two main characters shared an alternating narrative. Both of the protagonists are less privileged girls in smallish town Kentucky, so they're automatically the good people in the story.

I think that's the problematic part in that good and evil are kind of stereotyped. And when I say "kind of", I mean "really" stereotyped. Spoiled privileged white boy with enabling intolerant father and crazy religiously intolerant mom... Spoiled rich girl bullies. Yeah, I have seen that before a bunch of times already.

The best parts are in the margins, I guess. The girl who went through conversion "therapy", who was only there in a single scene. The mysterious brother and absent mom. The fact that the poor girl protagonist ch…

One Week From Release

This is the new book cover for Building Love. I still need to work on the blurb for the back cover, but that's a work in-progress. I'm going to be loading the book content to Amazon this coming weekend so it will be ready by February 14th, the official release date. 

This is the second book young adult book that I've written where a child was in the story. I think it's an important issue that often gets looked over. Lots of lesbians want kids, and not all lesbians have kids via vitro fertilization. This story also talks about the consequences that can happen when partying with drugs, alcohol, and people you can't trust. Unlike Standing Her Ground, which revolved around Jodi Nelson fighting to keep her parents and their church from trying to take her son, Building Love revolves around the relationship between Patty McNeal, a pregnant teen getting ready to graduate from high school, and Theresa Garland, a young contractor, who went to the same high school as Patty.