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Judge Not First Draft Done!

I'm sorry for not having many new updates posted but I've had a lot going on with the holidays. I'm sure most of you can relate. I did finish the first draft of Judge Not. I'm hoping to have it revised and ready for publication by the end of January. Please keep checking back here for more updates.

I had to take a break from The Circle of Confusion. I'm afraid I'm going to have to do a major re-write of it because I just don't know enough about the lives of college athletes to properly write about one. So I'm going to do some major reviewing of what I've written so far and start working on the rewrite.

Of course, I've always got new stories popping in up in my head and I try to get at least a little of the idea down so I can work on it later. I've had a few really good ideas that I hope to see come to life later this year.

Treacherous Souls is still not selling well so I may take it down after the first of the year and rework it as well.