Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Highlight of My Week! Maybe My Year!

For the very first time ever, one of my books was a #1 New Release in Lesbian Romance!

Granted, it only lasted 3 days, it was still super nice, and it might make it's way back up the list.

What else is going on?

I'm over 10,000 words into my new young adult lesbian romance. I really need to finish my play, but haven't gotten around to it. I've used some different avenues for promoting Avalanche of Love, and that seems to be paying off. I've gotten 5 reviews on Amazon, and 5 reviews on Goodreads and the book has only been out 14 days. 

Amazon and I are still not in agreement with the print version of the book, so hopefully, I will get that resolved this week. But, most of my sales come from digital. I mostly do the print books for family and friends.

How's Life?

I went to Owensboro this weekend with my oldest, Jessica and her son, Jacob to see my other daughter, Michelle and youngest granddaughter, Deborah. ( I have 7 grandchildren. 5 boys and 2 girls from 15 years old to 2 years old.) We made tacos together to celebrate Mother's Day. We'll let me correct that, Michelle and I made tacos while Jessica texted with her boyfriend and everyone else watched TV in the living room. Typical Mother's Day. 

Last night Jacob and I went to see the band, Shinedown at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. It was Jacob's first real rock concert (he's almost 15), and we had a blast. It was a great show. I'm exhausted and can't wait to go to bed soon. 

Trips in the Works?

A little less than 2 weeks until I got to Colorado with Michelle to get her boys. I'm really excited about the trip. On the way back we're going to stop in St. Louis and take her three boys to the St. Louis Zoo and the Arch. 

I've purchased the plane tickets for the trip to Florida to see my brother with Jacob over Father's Day. I booked a nice hotel close to the beach and have made plans to do some research reconnaissance for another book that I'm working on. 

As you can tell, not much has changed over the last week, except I finally made it to #1 New Release in Lesbian Romance, not to be confused with the #1 selling book in Lesbian Romance. Avalanche only made it to #2 so far, but that's still the highest I've been in that category. It was also #11 in Action & Adventure Romance where it is sharing the top 20 with the likes of Janet Evanovich.  

That sums it up.

Those are the highlights of my week. If you like hard rock and get a chance to see Shinedown in a small venue like the Ryman, do it! You may not be able to hear the next day, but it's totally worth it.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

It's Here!

It's Here!

Avalanche of Love is now on Amazon Kindle. If you don't read on Amazon Kindle, but would like a copy of the book, contact me directly at metudor.com@gmail.com
I'm still working on the print version. Amazon and I have not come to an agreement about the cover, but I hope to have the print version available by the first of next week. 

What else is going on? 

Well, I'm writing a new young adult book. It's in it's earliest stages, so there's not much to tell yet. I'm also working on a play for the Emerald Theater Company's contest. I've written the basics of the play, but I need to edit it, and fine tune it. 

How's life?

My partner, Rosa retired a few weeks ago, and I could not be happier for her. She spent a lot of years working and truly deserves this time off. Of course, she has taken over dealing with my three grandchildren we are raising, so she hasn't had much downtime. She has been able to work on her craft projects, and we're getting several ready for the flea market. She's going to be at the FleaLand Flea Market here in Bowling Green on May 25th with her son, so if you want some cute crafts, stop by and see them. 

Trips in the works.

I love to travel, so I'm very excited to have two trips coming up. Labor Day weekend I'm driving to Montrose, Colorado with my daughter, Michelle. We're going out there to get her three boys. Colorado favors fathers in custody cases, especially if the father's family knows the judge, so Michelle's ex got custody of the boys. Grrr. Anyway, they come to Kentucky every summer, so we're going to get them. 

I used to live in Colorado, and I miss it, so I'm always excited about getting to go back to the mountains. 

The other trip will be in June. My grandson, Jacob and I are flying to Orlando, Florida to see my brother. We're all that's left of our immediate family, so I try to get down there at least once a year. I'm not that excited about going to Florida in the middle of the summer because it's going to be very hot, but my brother lives relatively close to the beach, so we'll get to cool off there. 

I'm going to use the trip as a research opportunity. A story I was working on last year takes place in this area, so I'm going to check some things out so I can make my story more authentic.

That sums up what's happening with me right now. I hope you'll check out Avalanche of Love and leave a review to let me know what you think. And visit my page on Facebook so you can keep an eye out for upcoming giveaways. 

Have a great week ya all!

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