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I'm very bummed that I didn't even get an email from the last publisher I sent my book to telling me that they actually got it. I guess I'll just have to sit on my hands for the next six to eight weeks and pray they send me something.

Suddenly Sent Off And New Story Ideas In The Works

Under the Witness TreeI sent Suddenly, my young adult lesbian romance, off to another publisher this past week. Hopefully it will get published. The publishing process is much longer then people think it is.  I hate to think that it could be years before I see my book in print but that's the reality of it. Oh well, I've got my fingers crossed that this publisher will pick it up.

I've already got ideas for new stories.  I've had one adult lesbian romance going on in my head for about six years now and I'm just finally getting all the pieces for it together.  It's about an evangelist's wife who goes to South Africa on a mission who, along with some new lesbian friends,  and gets raped by part of a gang that is out to try to force all the lesbians in South Africa to become straight.  This is a horrifying thing that is really happening in South Africa. In fact, I was having trouble with what I wanted to happen to this woman on her mission to Africa because it w…

Suddenly is almost completely edited.

I've spent the entire day today going over my young adult lesbian romance, "Suddenly".  I am so close to being done with the editing that I can taste it.  I cannot wait to get it out there for other lesbians to read and review.