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The Wrong Place At The Right Time Available for Free for a Short Time

My new novella, The Wrong Place at the Right Time is available to read for free for a short time. You can find it on my website:, The Royal Academy of Bards:, and Fanstory:

I've only posted four chapters of the story on Fanstory. I'm doing just a little bit at a time there so I have time to read the reviews and do some work to the story based on what the reviews there have said. I've also hired an editor to review the book for serious flaws. The goal is the have it up on Amazon by the 1st of March. It will be listed at $3.99 on Amazon but I'll be doing the Kindle Direct Publishing thing, so it should be free for a week or two when it first comes up on there.

I'm also going to add to the Continuing Story of Jamie and P.J. later tonight. I'm going to be working on that as soon as I finish this post because I know I have readers who want to know what's going on. Everyone have a great week.

The new The Wrong Place at the Right Time teasers

I've been writing away at the new version of The Wrong Place at the Right Time. I'm getting close to being done but I've still got about a chapter and a half to go. I know my fans and friends have been patiently waiting for me to finish the story and get it out there so I thought I'd treat you all with a couple of teasers from the new additions to this story. So here we go:

The mood of this encounter was completely different from the other times they had been together. Mary followed Jackie's example, caressing Jackie's back and shoulders gently. She could not remember it ever feeling like this with anyone else. The sensation of being worshiped, that's the way Jackie was making Mary feel.

Slowly floating back down into her body, Mary looked up into Jackie’s eyes and she rose up over her. The look on Jackie’s face was a mix of emotions. Mary reached up and gently touched Jackie’s cheek. She smiled and stroked Jackie’s lower lip with her thumb. “That was the mos…