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New Character Ideas for Going Country

I've been a bit stalled on writing Going Country because my characters weren't being who I wanted them to be.  The main character, Aimee I wanted to be a bit of a punk city girl being forced to move to the country but as I started writing that wasn't how the character developed.  I've changed my mind about her based on the way the character was developing.  Instead of being a city girl coming to the country with a chip on her shoulder, Aimee is going to be a city girl who has always felt like an outcast.  Besides being gay, she didn't feel that she belonged in any group at her high school or with her family.  She's an artist and a dreamer and her parents are believers in being practical and don't encourage her to follow her artist dreams.

Her father was originally going to go freakishly religious but I totally couldn't make that happen.  He is just going to be a workaholic whose lost his job and lost his direction.  Aimee's mom was a homemaker in t…