Monday, July 9, 2018

Finding Jenna Chapter Eighteen Summary

I tried to post this morning but Blogger was not being cooperative. I'm getting so excited and nervous about the release of this book. It's very different from anything I've written before. 

Elliot is working with his assistant, Jason Wu when Steven shows up and calls them both girls. It’s an example of how sexist, racist and prejudice Steven is. Sandy sends Steven and Jason off to unload some fresh fish that has just arrived, and then tells Elliot she has some new people coming in for interviews for server jobs. Elliot hears Sandy getting excited about qualifications of the interviewee and goes to see who it is. It’s Cara Marshall, his former girlfriend when he was Jenna. Elliot calls Dana for advice about what to do. She tells him to remain calm and watchful. Dana also tells him that the meeting for the Cobra leadership has been changed from the 4th of July and now they are not certain when the meeting will take place. Sandy brings Cara to the back and introduces her to Elliot. She does seem to recognize him as Elliot feared but he still hopes she hates the job and decides to quit.

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