Tuesday, June 28, 2016

So Close

If I could only get about ten hours of uninterrupted time, I could get the first episode of The Circle of Confusion done. Unfortunately, I'm babysitting all of my grandchildren, ages 11-3, so I'm not getting much writing done. I had hoped to have it up by now, but life gets in the way sometimes. Please be patient. It will be up soon and it will be free. I'm also going to attach a survey to it because I want to know what my readers think about it and how it's written. Keep your fingers crossed and pray the writing gods let me have some writing time.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Getting Closer

I've had my grandkids several days over the past couple of weeks and haven't been able to put the finishing touches on The Circle of Confusion: It's All New: Meeting New Friends episode. I also have not had a chance to put together the cover. It's very, very close to being ready and I appreciate your patience. Here's a little taste of the story to hold you over.

P. J.

I see Jamie coming up the sidewalk. Her dark hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She is wearing red shorts and a black tank top. I can see the definition of her legs from where I’m standing several feet away. Her smile widens as she sees me checking her out.
The first time I checked her out back in high school, she had no clue that I was doing it. I used to hang with a pretty rough crowd, and Jamie had never really paid much attention to me. She was a popular cheerleader and dating Todd Baxter, one of the basketball players. I was just beginning to suspect that I might be gay, and the attraction I felt for her was a part of that early confusion. I’d see her coming into the school building as my friends and I stood around outside talking, and I would watch her. She was beautiful. At the time, I didn’t understand why I felt so compelled to watch for her every day, but now I know it’s because I was falling in love with her.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Circle of Confusion

Suddenly has been available for a week now and doing very well on Amazon. I'm very excited to see so many people reading it. I'm working on the print edition. I've been having a little trouble with the cover, but expect to get that done in the next day or two. Unfortunately, it's making me have to push back the release date for the print copy, which I had planned on being on June 10th. 

I also planned to release the first episode of The Circle of Confusion: It's All New on June 10th. That still might happen. The episode is written. It's told from P. J. and Jamie's point of view, plus I'm introducing two new characters, Lori and Kayla who will be part of P. J. and Jamie's group of friends. I'll post a link for you all once it is available. This first episode will be free on Amazon and I hope to hear what you all thing about the story.

Through This Together is Available on Kindle Vella!

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