Friday, October 11, 2019

More Beautiful for Having Been Broken

What's Going On?

Last weekend, my partner, Rosa, and I traveled with our oldest grandson, Jacob, and our Chihuahua/Shitzu mix dog, Ruby, to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to see the Nicole Conn's new film, More Beautiful for Having Been Broken. When we made plans to go, we didn't know that Nicole would be there for the Out At the Movies Film Festival where the movie was shown. I can't even tell you how over the moon I was at the thought I would finally get to meet Nicole in person. And, it was even more wonderful of an experience than I expected. Nicole is a very warm and kind person, and she was excited about meeting me too. We'd been conversing online for years. I have been a part of the group promoting this movie ever since Nicole first started putting it together, and it was going by the title of Nesting Doll. 

We also got to meet Lissa Forehan, the movie's producer. She was super nice. I'm glad Nicole has wonderful people like Lissa helping her get this movie in front of audiences around the world. 

I've been telling people about Nicole's films ever since I first saw Claire of the Moon more than 24 years ago. As far as I am concerned, she is the very best lesbian filmmaker, independent or otherwise. Rosa has even called her the Steven Spielberg of lesbian films. 

My current project, besides reworking my next adult lesbian romance under the working title of Nature of Love, is getting More Beautiful for Having Been Broken screened in Bowling Green, Kentucky, or the surrounding area. I've sent an email to a professor at Western Kentucky University about having the film shown there, and I'm on the search for other places and groups that might be interested in showing the film. 

I'm also going to be working with other Nicole Conn fans to get More Beautiful for Having Been Broken on Netflix. Nicole's film, A Perfect Ending is already available on Netflix. So if you haven't seen that yet, I hope you'll check it out. All of her other films are available on Amazon. You can even get the entire romance collection in a set that is very reasonably priced. 

My Review of More Beautiful for Having Been Broken

Although this film is about three women whose lives intersect at a lakeside resort, I found the movie to be more about the special needs boy, Freddie. His contagious positivity and charism draws out the very best in people and brings them together. 

Here's my review of the film:

Kintsukuroi is the Japenese word that means; more beautiful for having been broken. A beautiful word with a beautiful meaning for a beautiful movie. I'm not sure where to begin my review of Nicole Conn's new film More Beautiful for Having Been Broken: the gorgeous women, the adorable little boy, the beautiful scenery, cinematography, choreography, or the heartwarming story. All of these were interwoven into an expertly directed film that will warm your soul.

I think I'll start with the little boy, Freddie, played by Cale Ferrin. Besides being incredibly cute, this little man grabs you by your heartstrings and never lets you go. You will think about Freddie and how well Cale portrayed him long after the last credits of the movie have played. His strength and fierce determination will make you wish you had him as a champion in your life. He makes us realize how precious every minute we share with the people in our life is, and why it’s so important to let love be what guides us through life.

Freddie’s vibrant charism makes people want to be in his company. Even the stoic McKenzie, played by Zoe Ventoura can’t resist Freddie, despite her best efforts to ignore him. Freddie’s ability to see to the core of everything around him gives him the sense that McKenzie needs to be loved. She is as drawn to him as he is to her by the magical forces that bring people into our lives when we need them. This is definitely the case for these two people who become friends even though Freddie is a young boy with special needs, and McKenzie is a disheartened FBI agent. Two very different people from two very different worlds who find each other at the right time.

The ability to see the deeper meaning of things also helps Freddie see a connection between McKenzie and his overprotective mother, Samantha, played by Kayla Radomski. Both McKenzie and Samatha have built thick walls to protect themselves. The two women’s love for Freddie ultimately brings them together, even though their histories try to tear them apart.

Nicole’s films are usually about love stories between two women, but they always include more than just the romance. That is definitely true of this film. While the story contains the romance between two women, that is not the defining theme of the movie. This movie is about the power of love. How it can overcome fear and bring people together with an enduring bond that will last a lifetime.

All of the actors in this film were wonderful, including Nicole’s daughter, Gabrielle Baba-Conn. I felt the actors really connected to their roles, and that brought out really great performances. The cinematography captures the beauty of the landscape where the movie was filmed. There are some really fantastic sunset scenes that just take your breath away.

Kayla Radomski not only plays Freddie’s devoted mother, but she also choreographed the dance scenes in the movie. The art of ballet is interwoven throughout the film. It accentuates the love between Freddie and his mother, and between Samantha and McKenzie.

This film has already won several awards at film festivals around the country, including the following awards given by the International Independent Film Awards:

Best Actor - Cale Ferrin
Best Actress - Zoe Ventoura
Best Supporting Actress - Kayla Radomski
Best Choreography - Kayla Radomski
Best Narration for a Feature - Henry J Carr
Best Original Score - Nami Melamud
Best Editing - Nicole Conn & Dave Eichhorn
Best Picture - Nicole Conn & Lissa Forehan
Best Directing - Nicole Conn

The film is still out at movie festivals. Upcoming showings are listed below:

Desperado Film Festival in Phoenix, AZ October 12, 2019 at 5 p.m.

La Femme in Los Angeles, CA October 17-20, 2019 TBA

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