Friday, June 29, 2018

Chapters 9-12 Summaries

I'm posting Chapters 9-12's summaries today because they all deal with Jenna being in the hospital. And because this weekend is going to be super busy and I might not get a chance to post. I really appreciate everyone who visits my blog to read about this story. I hope you'll stay tuned in.  Here are the chapter summaries:

Chapter Nine

Jenna wakes in the hospital in pain and confusion. She flailed her arms and legs trying to get up, but was quickly subdued and given a sedative to put her back to sleep. Dana Tamaski, the FBI agent assigned to watch over Jenna hopes it won’t be long before Jenna will be able to wake up and give them a description of the body she saw in the freezer.

Chapter Ten

Dana returned to Jenna’s hospital room the next morning to find that nothing had changed. The other agent assigned to watch Jenna, Ada Parsons and Dana discuss the fact that they need Jenna to be able to describe the body so they can tie Michael Matthews to a missing person.

Chapter Eleven

Jenna wakes up in the hospital and doesn’t remember how she got there. Dana questions her about who she is. Jenna recognizes her name, her mother and Cara, but seeing the picture of Cara brings back the memories of her father beating her. Jenna goes into a panic and the nurses give her something to put her to sleep again.

Chapter Twelve

Jenna wakes up to find Special Agent Dana Tamaski watching her. Dana gives Jenna a legal pad and pen so Jenna can ask and answer questions. Jenna wants to know how long she’s been there and where her mother is. Dana explains why Jenna is there. A nurse comes in the room and Jenna lets Dana know that she doesn’t trust her. Dana calls Jonas and let’s him know about the suspicious nurse and that they need to move Dana. Jonas sends in an extraction team that pretends to be Jenna’s parents and they remove her from the hospital with the suspicious nurse watching their every move.

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