Monday, February 5, 2018

One Week From Release

This is the new book cover for Building Love. I still need to work on the blurb for the back cover, but that's a work in-progress. I'm going to be loading the book content to Amazon this coming weekend so it will be ready by February 14th, the official release date. 

This is the second book young adult book that I've written where a child was in the story. I think it's an important issue that often gets looked over. Lots of lesbians want kids, and not all lesbians have kids via vitro fertilization. This story also talks about the consequences that can happen when partying with drugs, alcohol, and people you can't trust. Unlike Standing Her Ground, which revolved around Jodi Nelson fighting to keep her parents and their church from trying to take her son, Building Love revolves around the relationship between Patty McNeal, a pregnant teen getting ready to graduate from high school, and Theresa Garland, a young contractor, who went to the same high school as Patty. 

Even though they had both noticed each other at the high school, they had never spoken. Theresa, who is two years older than Patty, had developed a small crush on Patty when they had been in school together, but had never attempted to talk to Patty, especially after Theresa and her classmate, Linda Dalton become lovers.

It's been two years since Theresa graduated from high school and fate has brought the two young women back into each other's lives. Patty is dealing with bad choices she had made the year before, after her father was tragically killed by a drunk driver, in the form of an unexpected pregnancy. Theresa has finished a two year technical college program and started working as a foreman for her father's construction company. The two young woman become friends as they both work to help Patty's mom, Mandy McNeal realize her dream of owning a bed and breakfast.

Theresa's attraction to Patty is growing but she's trying to keep her feelings on a friendship level because she doesn't know if Patty would ever want to be more than friends. Patty feels a growing attraction to Theresa, but is afraid its just hormones in overdrive. The two women have to decide if they can let go of their fear of getting hurt, or hurting each other, and become more than friends. Only time will tell if they can build a lasting love.

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