Sunday, January 14, 2018

One Month To Release

I finished adding the new chapters to Building Love last night and officially wrote "The End." I'm so excited about finishing this story, and I'm going to be editing like a mad woman over the next month because my goal is to release this book on Amazon on Valentine's Day 2018. That is one month from today!

I've been blessed to have such awesome fans who have been patiently waiting for me to publish something new. The last new story I published was Taste Testing, a short erotic tale that I released on October 9, 2016. It has been more than two years since I released a full-length book and that was Standing Her Ground, which was released on October 15, 2015.

As some of you know, the past couple of years had a lot of ups and downs, including the sudden loss of my sister, Sheryl and her husband, Jim in a plane crash February 11, 2015. I was amazed I was able to finish Standing Her Ground during that first year of grief, but I believe it was my sister's wind under my wings pushing me forward.

I've been doing a lot of writing regardless of the fact that I haven't published anything. I have several projects started that have stalled in various stages for different reasons. But, I finished Finding Jenna That story is a drama about a female-to-male transgender man who finds his true self when he has to go into hiding from his very dangerous father. I'm trying to get that book traditionally publishes, partially because I want to have that experience and partly because I'm hoping a traditional publisher will be able to get the book to a new audience.

I'm still working on the synopsis for Building Love, but here's some general information about it. The story is about two young women, Patty McNeal and Theresa Garland. After Patty's father was killed in a head-on collision with a drunk driver, Patty started making very bad choices. She starts taking drugs and partying too much. The result is an unexpected pregnancy. When Patty finds out she's pregnant she changes her course and focuses on the new life growing within her, despite the fact that her loser ex-boyfriend, Caleb Dalton, refuses to admit the baby is his.

Theresa Garland is surprised when her father, Richard asks her to take on a complete remodel job for his friend, Mandy McNeal. Theresa has been working for her father since she was a teenager, but he has been giving her bigger jobs and responsibilities ever since she graduated from the technical college. This remodel will be a huge responsibility.

Patty and Theresa went to the same high school in western Kentucky. Theresa is a few years older than Patty and remembers thinking she was beautiful the first time she saw her when Patty was a freshman. Patty knew Theresa as a popular upperclassman who was always nice to her.

Theresa is immediately protective of Patty when she starts working on the house that Mandy wants to turn into a bed and breakfast. Patty is seven months pregnant but determined to help her mother in any way she can to make her dream of owning a successful bed and breakfast come true. As Patty and Theresa get to know each other as they work on the house together, they both start feeling the pull of attraction.

Theresa is openly gay, partially from being forced out of the closet by Patty's ex-boyfriend, Caleb Dalton's sister, Linda. She has had a little crush on Patty ever since she first saw her at the high school, but she doesn't think Patty is gay and she doesn't want to do anything to make Patty's mom mad and lose this job.

Patty has never really thought about her sexuality. She had never really been interested in the guys at her school and dating Caleb had just been a part of being strung out on drugs. Most of her friends at school are queer, except for her very straight best friend, Daria. The more Patty is around Theresa, the more she likes her and the more she feels this unusual attraction. When Patty kisses Theresa the first time it's to throw the accusations Caleb and his girlfriend, Destiny has been making in their faces. This rush of electricity between Patty and Theresa surprises both of them. Even though they both are being cautious with their hearts, the love between them builds as they work on the bed and breakfast and become close friends, and then lovers.

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