Sunday, October 29, 2017

Getting Ready for NaNoWriMo

Above is a screen shot from my NaNoWriMo page. I'm going to be writing my next young adult lesbian romance starting next month and hopefully finishing before Christmas. Here is the synopsis. I'd love to hear what you think so send me your thoughts either here, on Facebook, or send an email to

Theresa Garland is thrilled when her father, Richard gives her a remodeling project of her own to run. Theresa has been working for her father since she was a little girl and just finished her Associate's Degree in Construction Management. The project is to remodel an old house into a bed and breakfast for Richard’s high school sweetheart, Sandy McNeal. Theresa doesn’t realize it, but Sandy is the mother of Patty McNeal, a girl she had a crush on in high school.

Patty McNeal is having a very bad year. Her father was killed in a car accident by a drunk driver a little over a year ago. The insurance companies for her father’s life insurance and the drunk driver’s car insurance are trying to get out of paying Patty’s mom, so the two of them were forced to leave their beautiful new home by the river and move into Section 8 housing. Patty takes her father’s death very hard and starts self-medicating with drugs and alcohol until she finds out she’s pregnant.

When Sandy finally gets her money from the insurance companies, she buys and old house that she wants to turn into a bed and breakfast. Patty likes the idea, even if it means they will have to live with construction workers coming and going in their new house while they renovate it.

Right away problems start between Theresa and Patty. Although Theresa still finds Patty absolutely beautiful, even in her advanced pregnancy, she is disappointed to find out that Patty can be quite a pain in the behind.

Patty thinks Theresa is obnoxious and bossy. She can’t wait until the renovation is done so Theresa will be out of their lives. The sparks fly between Theresa and Patty as they always seem to be in each other’s way.

That all changes when Caleb Dalton, who denies he is the father of Patty’s baby, decides he can show up at Patty’s house and force her to sleep with him. Theresa and her crew come to Patty’s rescue and Theresa makes her mission to protect Patty from Caleb. Theresa and the Dalton family have a bad history and Theresa is not going to let the Dalton family ruin Patty’s life.

At first, Patty’s not happy about Theresa’s over protectiveness, but when Caleb becomes more aggressive with his harassment, Patty is glad that Theresa is around to protect her.

Patty starts letting her guard down with Theresa as she starts to find herself drawn to her. Theresa’s stable calmness reminds Patty of her father and she starts to rely more and more on Theresa to help her deal with her turbulent emotions.

Theresa realizes that Patty’s attitude toward her has been part of her defense mechanisms that she’s put in place since her father passed, and since she became pregnant as a result of a lot of bad choices. Theresa feels compelled to protect the younger woman. She knows Patty is straight, and tries to keep her emotions in check, but she can’t help but fall in love with her even though she knows Patty can’t feel that way about her, or can she?

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