Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Revised "The Wrong Place At The Right Time"

The revised version of "The Wrong Place at the Right Time" is real close to being doing. It will still need some editing and formatting before I will be able to put it on Smashwords or Amazon. So, for at least two weeks it will be availabe free on my website: www.metudor.com and at the Royal Academy of Bards: www.academyofbards.org.

I expect to have this version done by the end of the week. This story has been eating me up. I have to finish it. It is constantly in my thoughts urging me to finish writing it. It's going to be a short novella now with "Is That A UPS Woman in Your Closet" included in this version. So if you've read one or both of those stories, I think you will love this new version that is going to complete Mary and Jackie's coming together.

I'm also trying to fit in some editing of "The Murder of Mr. Jenkins" and write a new segment to the Continuing Story of Jamie and P.J. That blog is going to eventually become my next young adult lesbian romance, which will be titled "The Circle of Confusion."

I really appreciate all the fans who've kept checking back for updates on my stories, who've bought my book and my stories on Smashwords so I want to make sure everyone knows about this new version of "The Wrong Place at the Right Time" being free for a time as my gift to you.  So check back later this week. Hopefully, I'll be announcing it being available. I will also post it's availability on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Myspace, and LinkedIn.

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