Thursday, May 3, 2012

Making Up

Jamie went back into the living room with her study group.  P. J. got into the shower.  She hated that they were fighting and felt guilty about being the one to start the fight, especially while Jamie's friends were here.  But, she was tired and she didn't feel like being social.  If Jamie would have warned her, she would have went to her aunt's or done something else to chill out before coming home. 

P. J. had only met a few of the girls that were here and they seemed okay.  She wondered if Jamie had told them that they were lovers or if she had just said they were roommates.  The fear of Jamie changing her mind about their relationship, finding someone else, or just deciding she wasn't really gay reared it's ugly head again.  Their relationship was still new even though they had been together for seven months now.  P.J. told herself that she was being silly and she would apologize to Jamie after the girls left.  She was just so afraid of Jaimie walking out of life like her father had.

Jamie came back into the bedroom and heard the shower shut off.  She felt bad about jumping P.J.'s shit.  She should have thought about how P. J. would have felt about coming home to a house full of people.  She pulled her shirt off, leaving on her sports bra and opened the bathroom door.  P.J. was standing in front of the vanity drying her hair.  "You sure you're done?" Jamie asked from the doorway.

P.J. gave her a puzzled look then sucked in her breath when Jamie pulled off her bra and started undoing her pants.  "I..." P. J. was still taken by surprise when Jamie let her know that she wanted her.

"I think you missed a spot or two," Jamie said, then slid her jeans and underwear off.  "I think you need to get back in the shower at let me help you wash better."

Jamie slip into P. J.'s arms. "I'm sorry for being a bitch," she said against P.J.'s lips.

"Me, too." P.J. kissed her deeply then pulled her toward the shower.

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