Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nick Burd and Gerri Hill

I just finished reading "Vast Fields of Ordinary" by Nick Burd. It's a very nice coming of age story about a young gay man, Dale, who is living in the suburbs with his parents.  He's been a play toy for a guy on the football team for a few years who refuses to even kiss him but is willing to do stuff to Dale.  It's not really completely clear but I got the impression that very little of what him and the football player, Pablo did together was really for Dale's benefit other than the fact that Dale wanted to be with Pablo.  Dale finally gets tire of Pablo's game and meets Alex, a drug dealer who is his age and popular with the other kids in Alex's school.  Dale and Alex start seeing each other and for the first time Dale is with someone who wants to be with him as a lover and not just a sex on the side toy.  It's a very well written story. I really enjoyed it.  It's was also very insightful to what a young gay man goes through as he learns to come to terms with his sexuality.

I also reread Gerri Hill's "No Strings." I love this story because it's one of those that I can really relate to the characters. Morgan works for the forest service, which I would love to do and Reese is the new sheriff in the very small town of Lake City, Colorado.  Of course, I love Colorado and the particular story of hers takes place close to where I lived in Montrose, Colorado.  Reese is stuck in Lake City because she had an affair with the mayor's wife in Winter Park.  At first she plans on not getting to know the locals but she meets Morgan, whose friends are trying to push into going out with Reese.  When the two decide two have an affair for the short time that Reese is going to be in two, neither expect to fall in love.  It's a really fun story to read.  I think I've read it three times now and love it every time.

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