Sunday, August 30, 2020

Birthdays and School

In this picture from left to right: Deborah, Michelle, Jim, Julian, Jacob, Samuel, Gage, Jazmyn, and David.

It has been a wild couple of months. Of course, if you read my blog, you already know that my life is crazy. July and August are filled with birthdays. Starting on July 12th, my oldest grandson, Jacob, turned 16. I still can't get over that he's driving now and can grow a full beard. July 14th is my second oldest grandson, David's birthday. He turned 13 this year and is going through some early teen blues. July 23rd is my oldest granddaughter, Jazmyn's birthday. She turned 14 and started high school this year. August 4th is my youngest grandson, Julian's birthday. He turned seven and is all boy. August 24th was my birthday, and August 29th was my partner's oldest grandson, Ranger's birthday, and turned 6. Between the two of us, we have 11 grandchildren. Seven of them are mine!

On top of all the birthdays, school started on August 24th. It was supposed to begin on August 10th but was pushed back because of the coronavirus. It's funny how school beginning times have changed. When my mother was pregnant with me, back in the 60s, my sister and brother started school in September. Since Mom had me via cesarian, she opted to have me before school started. By the time I started school, they had moved the start date up to on or near August 24th, so school started for me on my birthday more often than not, including my senior year of high school. 

As any of you with kids know, this school year is totally different from any we've had before. Our school system is offering virtual or in-person classes. We opted for in-person for Jacob and Jazmyn, and we're homeschooling Julian. (Oh, if you're reading about my family for the first time, my partner, Rosa, and I are raising my oldest daughter's three kids. It's a long story.) Jacob and Jazmyn go to school on Monday and Wednesday and then have virtual classes Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. The best thing about this is that we only have to drag them out of bed at six in the morning on Mondays and Wednesdays. The rest of the week, they have to log into their Google classrooms before noon. 

The kids are having a harder time with this than I am, but I get it. They miss their friends, and now, with the way things are set up, they still don't get to see most of their friends because they go school on the days my kids don't go to school. Just crazy. Plus, both Jacob and Jazmyn are in the marching band, which is they are still trying to have along with high school football, but we'll see how long that lasts.

On top of hosting birthday parties over the past two months, I also managed to get a picture with my ex-husband's father with all of the grandkids. I've been trying to do this for almost three years. My ex, Kelly, died of pancreatic cancer in 2010 at the age of 46. Our divorce had been reasonably amicable, and we had become friends again before he died. Kelly's family continue to consider me part of their family, for which I feel very blessed. His dad is going to be 80 next month and is not in great health. I'd been trying to get this picture done ever since my youngest daughter had her daughter, Deborah, three years ago because I know it's something both of my girls would want to have. We finally managed to get everyone out to Kelly's dad's house, except my oldest daughter, who had to work, but I plan to photoshop her into the picture and make a copy for both girls and Kelly's dad. 

Believe it or not, I have managed to get some writing and reading done over the past couple of months. I've read a mix of lesbian fiction and non-lesbian fiction and some nonfiction. I read Love and Forever by Chloe Peterson. It was an okay book, but not really my cup of tea. I just finished with Reservations of the Heart by T. B. Markinson. It's a sweet and very sexy romance, extra emphasis on the sexy. If you like a lesbian romance with lots of steamy sex, this is your story. I also read Leave No Trace by Mindy Mejia. It's a young adult thriller/adventure story, which was very good. And I'm listening to John Bolton's book, The Room Where It Happened. It's been very interesting and enlightening. 

I'm still working on the young adult lesbian drama story that takes place during the pandemic. You can read part of it on Wattpad. I'm also working on an adult lesbian romance that takes place in Florida and Kentucky. I'm hoping to have it finished and out by Christmas. 

And, if you've read this far into the blog, I have a special treat. I'm giving away autographed copies of Avalanche of Love. I have three copies to give away, so if you're interested in getting a copy, please email me at

I hope you are all holding up well amid the pandemic, raging heat, hurricane, and wildfires. I am sending out prayers for those of you who are suffering. 

Much Love. M. E.

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