Wednesday, April 14, 2021

New Book Cover!

Happy April, Everyone! I come to you bearing good news. Amygdala Design has created another fantastic book cover for me. I started writing Through This Together about this time last year as we started our journey into life with the pandemic. 

I wrote this story from a seventeen-year-old high school junior's point of view. The main character, Natalie Weatherby, is a combination of teenagers in my life and a reflection of how I think I would have handled things if I were seventeen now and going through this crazy time.

When I was a teenager, we didn't have computers available to the general public, let alone social media. We did have prejudice and fear about what the future held, and we dealt with it to the best of our ability. I listened to my grandchildren and their friends talking about how they felt about what was happening around the world, and here in the U. S. They were more concerned about not getting to see their friends initially than they were about the virus. As time went on and the death toll rose, they started becoming afraid about what would happen if someone they knew got the virus.

On top of the virus, the United States was going through one of the most turbulent political times that I can recall. All of us who are over 50 have seen many good and bad changes in this country, but I've never been more afraid of where this country is headed than I am now.  

I touched on the George Floyd story and the politics because of changes I saw within my own family. There were already some issues about who liked Donald Trump and who didn't, but the tragic death of George Floyd brought out prejudices I didn't realize people I knew had. It's been an unfortunate discovery. 

I'm excited about releasing this story soon. I'm working with an editor to make sure there aren't many booboos. I was hoping to have this new book out by the end of April, but it's looking more like the end of May. But that's just around the corner. I hope you all will be watching for this story to become available. 


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