Friday, March 11, 2016

Don't You Wanna Stay- Jason Aldean ft. Kelly Clarkson I love music and I always built a play list for my stories. I love finding songs that I think fit with my story. This song was what can to mind when I wrote the following scene in Second Chances:

"Think about it. I’m sure Mom would love for you to stay.” Casey wanted her to stay, too.
“I’ll think about it.”
“Pam…uh…,” Casey began, “I…uh...wanted to apologize for being so forward at the bar.” Casey paused, and then said, “But I’m not really sorry about what I did.”
Pam could feel the blush creeping up her neck. “It’s okay. I enjoyed it.”
Casey’s whole body flushed with heat at Pam’s words. “Really?”
“Yes,” Pam paused, a little surprised by what she was about to admit this to Casey. “I used to look forward to the way you always tried to touch me. I’ve been sorry many times that I didn’t give in and let you.”

Monday, February 29, 2016

Rough Month

If any of you follow me on Facebook, you know that I lost my beloved sister, Sheryl, on February 11, 2016. She was with her long time partner, James Shumberg. They died in a single engine plane crash off the coast of Destin, Florida. This tragedy put my life in a tailspin for a few weeks. My sister and I were very close and she was a huge supporter of my writing. I'm working through my mourning and back to writing, because that's what she would have wanted me to do.

I have three major projects for this month, and hopefully I'll get at least one of them done. The one I want to finish the most, is the editing and re-releasing of Suddenly. I know there are several people wondering what happened to that book. The publisher it was originally published with went out of business, so the title was returned to me. The original editing was very poorly done, so I've been going over it with a fine tooth comb. My goal is to make it available again before the end of March.

The other two projects I'm working on are my Christmas romance, that I didn't finish in time for Christmas, and a new drama that will cross the boundaries of lesbianism and transsexualism. It's been an interesting story that has taken twists that I didn't expect, so I hope the readers will be equally as surprised as I have been.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Time Flies

I can't believe it's already almost the end of January 2016. After I had published Standing Her Ground on October 31, 2015, life became very busy with the holidays and crazy schedules. The time has flown by, and I feel like I haven't done anything, but I have. Besides spending a ton of time promoting Standing Her Ground, I've been editing Suddenly. As many of you know, my publisher, Itoh Press, gave me back the rights to Suddenly. It needed editing badly, so that has been one of my main focuses for the past few months. 

I've started writing a holiday romance in November thinking I get it done in enough time to publish it by Christmas, but that didn't happen. And then, another story popped into my head demanding to be written. I've been writing, editing, and reading like a crazy fool. Mind you, I'm not complaining. I love doing all of those things, well, except for editing. ;) Anyway, I'm trying to fit more blog posts into my schedule so I can keep you all abreast of what I'm doing. I'm not going to be posting as many links to my books on Facebook. I think most of the people on my Facebook account who were interested in my books already have them. 

I am going to be giving away digital copies of Standing Her Ground on Goodreads next month. I'm still fine tuning the print copy, so right now it's only available on Amazon. For my fans who don't use Amazon, I will make PDF copies available for you upon request. Just email me at 

I hope everyone's year is starting out great. I know mine is, and I can't wait to share what I'm writing with you.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Standing Her Ground Is Now Available!

So much has happened over the past few months. I finally finished Standing Her Ground and it is available on Amazon now. I finally got around to updating my website with new information and links. 

Suddenly's publisher, Itoh Press went out of business last month so Suddenly is temporarily unavailable. I'm working on doing a very thorough editing, but I will have it available again as soon as possible. 

I have so many ideas for new stories, but I may be doing a short one for Christmas. A friend of mine challenged me to write a Christmas romance by Christmas so we'll see if I can get it done. 

I'm also working on two other stories my partner has written that I need to edit and get ready for publication. Plus, I'm going to dig out a story I wrote several years ago and revise it. Whoo, making me tired just thinking about all this. 

I'm also going to be doing a lot of reading. I'm really far behind so I'm going to be playing catch up. If you have any suggestions for books to read or stories for me to write, send them to

Thanks for stopping by. Love and peace to you all!
M. E.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Standing Her Ground

The GCLS Conference was a lot of fun, although I skipped about half of the conference in order to spend time with my sister, Sheryl and her life partner, Jim. We rarely get to see each other and it's even more rare for them to get to see my partner, Rose and the grandkids. We had a fabulous time in New Orleans. It's a really beautiful and interesting city. We're looking forward to going back to visit sometime, preferably NOT in July.

I ended up giving away the ten copies of Second Chances I took to the conference with me. Most of them I traded for other authors' books. Some of which I've already started reading. I got Rita Mae Brown's authograph, which was fabulous. I met Karin Kallmaker, Isabelle, and Baxter Trautman, all of which are authors I love, all wonderful lovely ladies. I also made some new friends, including Chris Paynter, another wonderful author. The panels were great and I learned some good stuff. I'm looking forward to using that information for future books.

Speaking of future books, my new book, Standing Her Ground is coming along nicely. I'm shooting for an October 31st release. This book is not the one I started out writing initially. I was writing about Jean and Ashley getting married and Standing Her Ground jumped out of the pages and demanded I write it first. I'm thinking about adding a blog telling the story I started to write as kind of a background feature of Standing Her Ground. Keep a watch out for that. I think my Judge Not fans will enjoy that tale.

For the fans who follow my work and stop by to check on this blog, here's a little bit of Chapter Five from Standing Her Ground.  I really appreciate everyone who reads my stories and I hope you be as excited to read this new book as I am about writing it.

Jodi wearily opened the door when she saw Lori Pennington on the other side. “Hi, Lori.”
“You don’t look all that surprised to see me,” Lori said as she stepped through the door, the cool fall air blowing in with her.
“Bryan fell at the park and hit his head pretty hard. I saw him starting to fall off the jungle gym. I rushed over to catch him, but he slipped right through my hands and hit his head on a metal pole,” Jodi sighed. She walked to the couch, where Bryan was sitting with his blanket, stuffed Sponge Bob, and sippy cup.
Lori walked with Jodi over to Bryan.
“He started screaming bloody murder. I was trying to calm him down,” Jodi explained. “Some other parents came over to see if I needed help. I was terrified when the large knot immediately appeared.” Jodi sat down next to Bryan, who immediately laid his head against her. “I called his doctor and she said to keep an eye on him, and not to let him take a nap.” She slid her arm around him, careful not to bump his head. “We’ve been watching Sponge Bob ever since we got home.”
Lori leaned close to Bryan. “His eyes look okay.”
“He seems fine. I gave him some baby Tylenol,” Jodi said, and then looked at Lori. “So what brings you out? You were just here a few weeks ago.”
Letting out a heavy sigh, Lori said, “We got a call this afternoon. The caller said she saw you push Bryan down at the playground.”
Jodi’s jaw tightened as she gritted her teeth. “We haven’t been going to the park as much as we usually do because I’d been feeling like we were being watched. Now, I know I was right.”
Lori sighed, “Apparently so.” She opened her purse and took out some papers. “We were served these papers this afternoon. I’m sure you will be getting served at any moment.”
Jodi took the papers and started reading them. Tears started forming and dropping down her cheeks. “Those motherfuckers,” Jodi whispered. She looked up at Lori. “Sorry about the language.”
“It’s okay,” Lori said. “They are making me come as a witness for their side, but I don’t know why. I only have good things to say about you.”
“Maybe they don’t realize that,” Jodi said. “I can’t believe my parents are going so far as to try to get custody of Bryan because I won’t let them have visitation. Can they do this?”
“They can try,” Lori said. “They will have to come up with some compelling proof as to why they should be awarded custody. I really don’t see how they will be able to do that. I think it may just be a scare tactic to get you to agree to allow them to have visitation.”
Jodi sat staring at the papers, trying to wrap her brain around why her parents were doing this. Suddenly there was a loud, sharp knocking at her door, making both Jodi and Lori jump. Jodi got up and looked out the peephole. It was a male police officer. She opened her door. “Yes, sir?”
“Jodi Marie Nelson?” The officer asked.
“Yes,” Jodi answered.
“You are being served with this court papers requiring you to be in Justice Margaret Henson’s courtroom,” the officer told her the date, but Jodi stared at him blankly. Even though Lori had just told her this was going to happen, she still couldn’t believe it. “Do you understand, ma’am?” the officer asked, snapping Jodi out of her stupor.
“Yes,” Jodi replied quietly.
The officer tipped his hat politely, turned and walked away.
Jodi closed the door and woodenly walked to the couch and sat down next to Bryan. She pulled him into her arms and started crying.
“Momma?” Bryan put his little arms around his mother’s neck.
“They can’t take him,” Jodi sobbed. “He’s my everything.”

Monday, July 6, 2015

15 Days to GCLS Conference!!!!!!

This will be my very first lesbian writers conference!
I am thrilled about going to this conference. I've only ordered 10 books to take with me. I'm afraid that I'll take to many. I am working on rack cards for Standing Her Ground, the new book I am working on and hope to have out before the end of September.
My partner, Rosa, the three grandchildren we are raising, Jacob, Jazmyn, and Julian will be coming with me. As well as my friend, Rebecca, who will be out nanny for the week. This is our first trip to New Orleans. We are super excited about the trip and meeting some of our favorite authors.